With personal electric vehicles (PEV's) becoming increasingly popular - there is a requirement to upgrade our infrastructure to meet the needs of the consumer - We take a look at New Zealand's answer to electric fuel stations - The Rechargery - setting the benchmark for the world!

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We’ve seen an increase of electric car parking spaces and recharge points retro-fitted to our cities and service stations, but with all of these aimed at supporting the growth in the electric car market – When should we start to look at the broader picture? Cars, remain a problem, whether they are powered by petrol, diesel or electricity, contributing to a large proportion of congestion, noise and air pollution in our towns and cities.

In an attempt to reduce global pollution we need to promote viable alternative solutions to travel. Personal light electric vehicles (PLEV’s) have been proven to reduce congestion and therefore improve air quality in our cities. But we must introduce a framework and infrastructure that supports the use of them.

Big Street Bikers

Meet The Big Street Bikers!!! – They have teamed up with Mercury Solar to produce one of the first dedicated solar powered electric fuel stations – ‘The Rechargery’ in Auckland, New Zealand. – And we LOVE it!!!

The Rechargery is an off-grid fuel electric fuel station powered by Mercury solar panels and storage batteries. This is currently a pop-up pilot scheme, but they hope make it a permanent fixture and roll out across the country, providing nice clean power to our PLEV’s.

Rechargery, Electric fuel station, Big Street Bikers

THE RECHARGERY. Where electric bikes run on sunshine. Think of it as a petrol station of the future, except a whole lot better for the environment.

– The Big Street Biker Team

Not only can you juice up your ride – The Rechargery offers bike repairs and servicing, electric bike and scooter hire, e-bike city tours and test drives to see if e-biking is for you. Why not just pop down for a chat with some like-minded EV-heads!

So you’ve taken your test drive and selected your new wheels – but how are you going to afford one? Fret not; The Big Street Bikers have you covered! With their ‘Ride-to-Own’ subscription service you can pay monthly from as little as $23 a week.