Own an Audi E-tron? This new e-scooter by the German Power Haus has been designed to fit seamlessly into your life. Challenging the functionality of a typical scooter, Audi have developed a serious contender - But will it live up to expectations?

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They’re not the first and they certainly won’t be the last, but Audi are the latest car manufacturer to launch an e-scooter. On Monday – Audi debuted the E-Tron electric scooter adding another string to their bow within the EV market.

Audi have fused the functionality of a skateboard with the usability of a scooter. The scooter uses pivoting axles similar to skateboards to provide lean-to steering; allowing the user to drive one-handed thus freeing up the other for hand signals.

The initial prototype has been designed to have a top speed of 12.5mph and a range of 12.5mph;not great when compared with its competitors. We understand this to be limited in-line with current German law – so faster versions may become available for other markets.

The E-tron weighs in at just 26 pounds and can be folded up for ease on public transport – taking up little more room than your back-pack. Opting for 4 wheels over the usual 2 increases stability – although we feel the wheels could be a little bigger to soak up those bumps in the road.

The wrap around handle provides a firm grip to maximize stability, whether riding with one hand or two, with acceleration controlled via a twist throttle. The stem houses the battery, and minimalist visual display indicating power usage. It also has regenerative braking to extend its range just that little bit further.

The Audi e-tron Scooter, we appeal to customers who are on the move in cities, sustainably and multi-modally and for whom style and functionality are important

– Thorsten Schrader – Audi Micro-Mobility Project Manager

The Audi E-Tron electric scooter is set to be released at the end of 2020; so still a wait to go yet! Lets hope they can develop the battery output to achieve a better range. It is believed to have an RRP of 2000 euros, but could get integrated into the spec of the E-Tron SUV for those of you lucky enough to buy one.

Sharing the same name as Audi’s E-tron SUV; the scooter is designed to fit seamlessly within the family for those that want to live a fully electric lifestyle. It will have dedicated storage and charging facilities within the E-Tron SUV trunk; providing you with a first and last mile alternative to driving.

Audi have also teased the idea of the E-tron being used for city fleet rentals; and with their high safety credentials, we think they could be a favoured vehicle for the job.

We’ll keep a keen eye on it over the coming months and keep you updated with any developments. We are so excited to see more and more car manufacturers leading the electric revolution from the front. With advanced R&D facilities, big budgets and automotive engineering; I think we’re going to see some big leaps forward in PLEV tech.

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