KickScooter T60
Autobots........assemble!!! Ninebot Segway are pushing the boundaries of e-scooter capabilities. Their latest offering - the KickScooter T60 has the ability to 'self-drive' using artificial intelligence and cloud based technologies.

The automated self-driving technology allows e-scooters to deploy themselves in areas of high demand or take themselves back to a charge station when running low.

The scooter has 3 wheels; two to the front and one at the back, providing stability with or without a rider. A clever combination of GPS, cameras and sensors give the scooters the intelligence of spacial awareness.

An ever increasing problem for ride-share companies is the logistics required to maintain and distribute their fleet of scooters. They currently rely on nocturnal, freelance ‘chargers’ who round up the scooters, CHARGE, then place them back on the street. This costs them $3 – $5 per charge in fees paid to the freelancers.

The Ninebot KickScooter T60 would allow the company to manage the problem in-house; redirecting its scooters to its own power-banks, without the need for human intervention. Not only this; scooters could re-deploy themselves to areas of high-demand, thus combating a loss of sales due to a lack of availability.

Its not just the service providers that are laughing; the technology is also beneficial to the local authority, who are constantly battling the problem of scooters littering their streets.

E-Scooters could simply drive themselves to designated parking zones, allowing them to be safely stored until required; thus keeping the pathways clear.

The automated self-driving e-scooter is still in its early development stage and not expected to hit the street until next year. But rumour has it; Uber and Lyft (both of which are faily new to the game) are interested in acquiring a fleet of their own.

New tech start-up Tortoise ( are also experimenting with the idea of automated self-driving e-scooters. However their focused on developing software that can be integrated into an existing fleet with the help of stabilizer wheels.

The ability to retro-fit this technology to an existing fleet will be music to the ears of Bird and Lime who already have a hefty fleet of existing scooters; most of which are Xiaomi M365’s and Ninebot es2’s.

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