Tel Aviv based EV manufacturer - HypeRider have created a new way to carve up your city. We take a look at the new Muve E-scooter and what sets it apart from the competition.

The 3-wheeled Hyperider Muve electric e-scooter has a unique tilt-steering front axle giving the rider the ability to lean their weight into each bend. The tilt system offers increased stability as you surf the streets, allowing the user to carve deeper and faster into those tighter corners.

The scooter has been in development for over 6 years and has the ability to tilt up to 50 degrees without tipping by keeping its weight low and central. It was developed by automotive designer Amir Zaid who has prior experience working with Pininfarina, Ferrari and Fiat.

The Muve’s 250W rear wheel motor provides fast acceleration up to a limited speed of 25mph. We’d be interested to see what the scooter could achieve if unlimited!

It has an extremely lightweight aluminium chassis, weighing in less than 20kgs, allowing you to put all the power to the road. This in-turn gives it a decent range of up to 35km. The battery is fully chargeable in just 4 hours minimizing downtime; allowing you to get back to surfing the streets in no time.

The scooter has 12″ wheels all round, each with their own independent hydraulic brake disks, allowing its stopping ability to be as sharp as its acceleration. Combined with the increased stability – this really is a vehicle built with safety in mind.

The steering column is fully-foldable, allowing the scooter to transform into a trolley that is easy to pull around when hopping on and off public transport. Perfect for the city commute!

Check out to find out more about the Hyperider Muve 3-wheeled Electric E-Scooter!

The Hyperider Muve makes a great all-terrain vehicle with its excellent grip and stability on and off the road.

If you’re wanting something more suited to heavy duty off-road use then why look elsewhere? Hyperider also offer the EZraider; a staggering piece of kit that could easily tackle the surface of Mars!!