micro merlin electric scooter
Weighing in at less than half the weight of the majority of e-scooters on the market; the 11kg Micro Merlin packs a 'MACRO' punch! Micro Scooters have built a trusted reputation for Micro-mobility over 20 years of continued innovation.

Say hello to the Micro Merlin electric scooter!

With many scooters on the market today topping the scales at over 20kgs – it does make you question their ease of use. I must admit – the weight of my everyday commuter scooter (the Xiaomi M365) was probably the biggest shock to me when it came to lugging it on and off train’s and the tube. At 12.5kgs its one of the lighter ones on the market, but still leaves you feeling like you’ve been down the gym.

So a scooter that shaves a bag-and-a-half of sugar (1.5kg’s) off the scales certainly has huge appeal to the everyday public-transport commuter.

Micro Merlin Electric Scooter

Micro have played it safe ‘design-wise’ sticking with an aluminium frame similar to their tried, tested and endlessly developed kick-scooters; helping keep that weight down. And a chassis that you know you can rely on!

Also similar to its ancestors – a height adjustable stem allowing the handlebars to be adjusted to suit each rider. This is something we rarely see on most e-scooters; but a simple feature paired with dual suspension and 200mm rubber tyres provides a safer and more comfortable ride.

The frame can be folded in a matter of seconds via the quick-release foot lever and the handle bars also fold back to create a slimline profile. This makes hopping on and off public transport a doddle, preventing any embarrassing snags to fellow passengers and requires minimal storage at home or in the office.

Micro Scooters Merlin

The battery can be fast charged in 3 hours and provides up to 15 miles of fun, before requiring more juice. The scooter also has 4 speed settings allowing the rider to tailor the performance of the motor to suit their changing needs.

Late for work? Kick it into Sport mode for an extra boost. Cruising the sea-front? Standard mode should suffice. Rush hour through the city? Pedestrian mode keeps you slow and steady. Low on battery and still a distance home? Drop down into Eco mode to conserve battery.

The 280/ 500 Watt front hub motor can power you to speeds of up to 15mph – this is obviously dependent on rider-weight (max 100kgs), weather conditions and terrain. This is about average speed for general use e-scooters like the Xiaomi M365 and Ninebot Segway ES2, but does sit 3mph above the proposed 12mph limit currently being trialed by the UK government. We are confident that this will likely be reviewed and increased to 15.5mph following research and guidance from various interested parties.

A small LCD screen on the stem gives the rider a quick-glance view of speed, distance covered, battery life and much more. The screen is very utilitarian by design – we would have liked to have seen something a little more slick here; being a main user touch-point, but we cant fault the valuable heads up data this provides the rider.

Acceleration is unsurprisingly controlled by a small thumb-lever on the bars. It gives you easy control of speed and is commonly used on most e-scooters – why reinvent the wheel! However braking is also achieved via a thumb-lever on the opposite bar, rather than the usual cycle brake-levers we often see used.

LCD Screen

This is probably to help achieve the folding handlebars, but we are unsure if a thumb-lever offers the rider the same reassurance and familiarity as a simple brake-lever. We hope to be test-riding one later in the year so we’ll keep you updated on this. On the plus side the brakes are wired up to provide regenerative power back to the battery helping extend your ride time.

It should be noted that the use of electric scooters is currently illegal on UK paths and roads, but the UK government is currently reviewing legislation and we should see laws relaxed by the end of the year. We’ll keep you posted.

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