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The latest in ride-share eco-transport, the Cruiser is here to fill the gap between a short blast on an e-scooter and the need to hail a cab. Currently trialing in LA, this service is soon to go global!

This week, ride share company – Scoot launched a pilot scheme on the streets of LA for their latest vehicle – the Scoot Cruiser.

The electric powered ‘mopeds’ are hireable via the usual Scoot app, for over 18s only. Each Cruiser comes with it’s own helmet; locked safe within an integrated case behind the seat, so no need to have your own.

Mopeds are a great decongestant for cities, taking up a smaller footprint on the roads than cars and taxi’s. Combine this with a clean electric motor and you’re also helping to reduce pollution and improve air quality within your city.

E-scooters are great for shorter journeys, but if you want to get from one side of the City to the other then an Uber or Lyft would probably be your first thought. The Scoot Cruiser is also aimed at these longer city-hops; filling a gap in the e-market

Think they look familiar?….. Well Bird showcased their version back in June. It is believed Bird are using their sister brand (Scoot) to test the concept before rolling out their own fleet. You can even rent the Scoot Cruiser via the Bird app.

The Cruiser will power the rider to speeds of up to 20mph and has been built with safety in mind. Its 20″ wheels and cushioned seat pad can soak up the humps and bumps, while the integrated lights ensure maximum visibility.

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