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You've seen E-cargo bikes - well now there's E-cargo scooters. This Swiss-Army knife of an electric scooter can tackle whatever life throws at it. Taking the kids to the school - Done! Picking up the groceries - Check!

The Uni Boost X Electric Utility Scooter by Urban Drivestyle is an incredible cargo vehicle that offers a serious alternative to owning a car. As we attempt to reduce our own, personal carbon footprint – we must look inwards and re-evaluate out everyday transport choices.

Cargo bikes have been around for over 100 years and so it was no surprise to see their electric counterparts. They have long been a viable alternative to the car, but are often bulky and cumbersome.

The Uni Boost X, combines the practicalities of a cargo bike, but into a much smaller footprint, making them easy to maneuver and easy to store.

The robust framework is made from a lightweight alloy known as chromoly – often used in bike frames. This makes the Uni Boost X strong and durable, allowing it to carry a payload of up to 150kg.

Combined with the 20 x 4.0 inch FAT tyres and extra-wide it’s the perfect choice for heavier and taller riders, who struggle with the limitations of the smaller e-scooters we see predominantly see on the market. It also allows the scooter to be riden by multiple riders simultaneously, making it perfect for taking the kids to school or giving your mates a lift into town.

The scooter has been designed with modularity and flexibility in mind allowing for a range of add-on accessories, such as rear, wheel cargo racks, seat posts and trailer coupling,

The Uni Boost X can achieve up to 20kph and a range of up to 40km, dependent on rider weight, payload and environmental conditions. The speed has been limited for the German market in-line with local legislation, however it is also available for export at speeds of 25kph and 32kph or unlimited for use on private land.

Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes provide some serious stopping power

The 500W high-torque brushless hub motor means you’ll never be short of pulling power. The battery is also fully rechargeable in just 3-4 hours, so you’ll be back on the move in no time.

The Uni Boost X Electric Utility Cargo Scooter is currently available for pre-order only, with prices starting at 2490 euros for the base model.

Check out www.urbandrivestyle.com to find out more!